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Big Brothers and Sisters Against

Victimizing Children!!!

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Each and everday a child screams out for help. Most of the time it's a cry for "I'm lonely and need attention." Other times, it's the cry of pure and utter fear. The cry of being victimized by someone that they beleived they could once look up to. A poor innocent child, being used to full fill the sexual pleasures of someone 3-4 times their age. Or even being used as a punching bag because some idotic, brainless person can't stand their crying, so they hit the child instead of finding out what is really wrong, or finding another sollution instead of physical violence. It could be an uncle, and aunt, a parent, the neighbor down the street, a sibling, just about anyone. The sad thing about it all is, if the child even lives through the ordeal, their mental state is dead anyway, and it haunts them for the rest of their lives. But do the offenders care, HELL NO! Most of the time, this child grows up to do the same that same thing to others. The Cycle must be stopped!!! Just imagine the helpless little body of a 5 year old, her clothes all torn, her eyes blackened, her lips bleeding, sitting there rocking in the corner and not even crying because she's afraid that she will be punished more. Or how about the 12 year old that is pregnant with her fathers child because she was sexually abused. Hell while your at it, might as well surf the internet and check out the kiddie pronography sites too, it's just great to see a naked little child. And the newsgroups that speak freely for Pedophila. Sorry, I don't know about you but even thinking about all this makes my stomache turn.

Big Brothers and Sisters against Victimizing Children was formed to educate the public and make them more aware of our children today. Adults are here to tend to the needs of their children, and love them, and protect them so they can be their own adults some day...Adults are NOT here to use children, even Teenagers, as their sexual playthings or to take their anger out on by beating them. Adults that ENGAGE in pedophilia, and child abuse must be stopped. And it is our job, as Big Brothers and Sisters to make this happen, by joining together and getting the word out to others. The more word that gets out today, the better chances we have of stopping what might happen to a child tomorrow.

Please help us to keep a smile on a childs face, by joining BBSAVC today!! We are a FREE information and referral service, that care a great deal about the precious children of this world. For more information on how to become a member of BBSAVC, click on the email link. Information will be sent to you.

We also offer Message Forums, and live chat. Please use them appropriatly. The boards are not for flaming purposes but for educational purposes.

PEDOPHILE--People who are sexually attracted to children are called pedophiles and, sometimes, pederasts (men who have sexual relations with boys) or child molesters. Most often they are men, but there are also instances of female pedophiles. Heterosexual pedophilia is more common than homosexual pedophilia. Pedophiles are often well-known to the children with whom they have sexual encounters (or to whom they are attracted). They can be parents, close relatives or friends and even grandparents. More than most other variations in sexual behavior, pedophilia is not only frowned upon by society, but is also a serious crime. Pedophilia can be the most exploitative variation in sexual behavior because of the age, naivete and sexual immaturity of the person to whom the pedophile is attracted. Because of the serious nature of pedophilia'[s legal implications and the potential harm that can be caused to children - sometimes very young children - pedophiles must always seek or be encouraged to seek professional therapy.

If you are a child or someone you know is being vicitimized, call the Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD

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