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Baby I love you, more then you can know"

My heart pounds with the excitement of love.
As my body warms from the thoughts of you.
Holding you close, never letting go..
You are my life, you are my soul..
Baby I love you, more the you can know..
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see.
Reach into my heart and tell me what you feel.
Enter into my soul and tell me who is there..
Walk with me to eternity..and set my love free.
The wings of an angel will carry us far.
Tightly in each others arms, our love will sore.
Bonded together forever we shall be.
Never letting go..always happy and carefree.
I vow my life to you, the one that I love.
For you have given me new life, new love, and new hope.
Eternally greatful to you I shall be..
Because you are the one that set my pain free.
Your in my heart, your in my soul.
You give me life, you make me whole.
Hold me tight, never let me go..
Baby I love you, more the you can know.

March 21, 1998 Dawn Tolbert