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Irish Rose

Give me a Rose,
   and I might speak.
Share with me your sorrows
   and I won't weep.
Show me your love
   and I'll be yours
Hold me in your arms
   and hug me real tight.

These are the things she'll
   share with you.
To take away your pain
   and wipe away your tears.
Take down your walls 
   and open the door.
The Irish Rose shall blossom
   and shelter your fears.

Don't be afraid
   her thorns she has many
To keep away the dangers
   of poisons others carry
Feed of her warmth
   and nurture her beauty
You are her seed,
   grow together without worry.

Each day that passes,
   your trust will grow
Like the sunshine on her petals,
   and her leaves of morning dew.
With your vines all twisted
   no evil will pass.
Just you, your protector
   and a friendship that will last.